Performance Marketing Software For Ad Networks, Affiliates and Media Buyers
Track, Manage & Optimize Your Campaign With None Of The Old Limitations
Keep Costs Down And Revenue Up

TECHANYWAY is a SaS performance marketing platform built for Ad Networks, Affiliates and Media Buyers.
From one interface - you can track, manage and optimize an unlimited number of campaigns with a few clicks.

Deep analytical insights deliver all of the information you need to scale up what’s working, and dial back what needs to be revised. An intuitive interface and online tutorials makes it easy to change the parameters of your campaign at will.

When you want one-on-one support, contact your dedicated Account Manager via phone, email and live chat.

Platform Overview
Redirect Seamlessly
Every second counts. Redirect your domain in under 5 milliseconds - even on mobile. We offer complete freedom over your domain redirects with zero limits and no barriers.
Extract Comprehensive Visitor Data
Don’t risk wasting your advertising budget on targeting the wrong audience. Quickly identify the visitor segments that deliver the highest conversions, so you can refine your targeting strategy and earn more revenue.
Track Mobile Performance
Keep track of mobile visitors and profits in real time. Analyze and refine data according to carrier, model and many other filters.
Analyze Your Performance In Real Time
Stay on top of your campaign’s performance with up-to-the-second reporting. Our state-of-the-art tracking systems have the capacity to handle billions of clicks every day - without interruption.
Easily Navigate Our Intuitive Interface
A user-friendly interface means you can track, manage and optimize your campaigns with ease. Making changes to your programs and deploying promotions is fast, easy and hassle-free.
Visibility Over All Campaigns From One Interface
Finally, stop wasting time logging into multiple platforms. From Tracking, to Ad Serving and Management, you can do all of your marketing activities from one convenient place.
Customizable Reporting
Not a minute is wasted retrieving your data. Generate detailed reports instantly so you can take intelligent action - fast.
Grow Your Business Intelligently

Manage unlimited campaigns and scale on-demand without ever setting up additional servers.
Our state-of-the-art infrastructure was built to handle large amounts of data with zero downtime.

The entire platform is backed by Industry veterans with one mission: to create a performance marketing platform that combines the functionality of all our favorite tools into one turnkey solution.